Scholz Rebar: Your Avondale Pool's Rebar Company

Over 29 years of crafting solid foundations for residential and commercial Avondale pools and spas.

Peace of Mind, Built In:

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    Expertise that Meets Every Code: We navigate Avondale's unique inspection requirements and engineering codes, ensuring your pool's safety and longevity.

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    Innovation at Our Core: From custom residential designs to grand commercial projects, we're pioneers in rebar fabrication and installation, constantly pushing the boundaries of pool perfection.

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    Trustworthy Craftsmanship: Your pool's foundation is in expert hands. We use premium Arizona-made steel for lasting resilience and employ end-to-end service, making us the preferred choice for Avondale owner-builders and partners with pool builders.

Beyond Ordinary Pools:

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    Remodeling Made Seamless: We expertly design customized rebar solutions for a flawless integration.

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    Water Features Come Alive: Our skilled artisans translate your vision into reality, crafting tailored rebar designs for intricate water features and fountains that are both stunning and structurally sound.

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    Modern Designs, Masterfully Built: We elevate your pool design with innovative rebar designs and adaptable techniques, ensuring your Avondale oasis reflects your unique design.

Look at Our Specialized Services:

New Pool & Spa Construction:

  • Expert consultation for optimal rebar placement
  • Premium Arizona-made Steel for lasting resilience
  • End-to-end service
  • The preferred source for owner-builders

Pool & Spa Remodels:

  • Comprehensive assessment of current structure
  • Customized rebar solutions for seamless integration
  • Experienced craftsmanship for flawless results

Rebar for Custom Water Features & Fountains:

  • Tailored rebar designs for intricate water features
  • A focus on aesthetics without compromising strength
  • Skilled artisans bringing your water feature vision to life

Custom Rebar for Modern Design:

  • Innovative rebar designs for contemporary structures
  • Adaptable techniques to suit varied architectural demands
  • Mastery in executing avant-garde projects

Why Choose Scholz Rebar?

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    Rock-Solid Integrity: We build on honesty and transparency, so your Avondale pool rests on a foundation of trust and top-quality rebar.

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    Innovation in Every Bend: We constantly redefine rebar precision and quality, ensuring your pool is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

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    Unwavering Commitment: From backyard escapes to ambitious commercial projects, we pour our dedication and expertise into every Avondale pool we build.

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    Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Build a pool for generations to come, using sustainable practices that benefit Avondale and beyond.

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    Experience & Value: Our seasoned professionals deliver exceptional service, competitive pricing, and clear communication throughout your project.

Testimonials from glad Avondale, Arizona clients:

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