Pioneering Excellence in Rebar Services

Crafting Arizona's Pools and Spas with Precision and Expertise.

Our Story:

Founded in 1984, Scholz Rebar has been in business for over 29 years becoming of the top swimming pool rebar companies in Arizona. With a reputation for exceptional quality of work, timeliness, and great customer service; Scholz Rebar has a strong emphasis to meet all city and state inspection requirements, including any additional special engineering codes. Our company prides itself on being exceptional, and to exceed all our competitors.

Scholz Rebar has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the rebar industry. Our commitment to excellence, combined with a relentless pursuit of innovation, has cemented our position as leaders in rebar fabrication and installation.

Over the years, we've served countless projects from custom residential pools to large-scale commercial water projects. We take pride in every piece of rebar we bend, every pool we fortify, and every relationship we build.

Our Vision:

To revolutionize the rebar industry by blending time-tested methods with innovative techniques, ensuring every project stands tall, strong, and resilient.

Our Mission:

To deliver unparalleled quality, expertise, and value in rebar services, ensuring the foundation of every structure is robust and secure.

Our Values:

Integrity - Icon


Our rebar doesn’t just support structures; it upholds our reputation. We believe in honest work and transparent dealings.

Innovation - Icon


With every project, we strive to redefine the benchmarks of quality and precision in the rebar industry.

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Every project, big or small, deserves our utmost dedication and expertise. We’re committed to ensuring client satisfaction.

Sustainability - Icon


We are dedicated to responsible sourcing and eco-friendly practices, ensuring a greener tomorrow.

Our Professionals, Your Success

At Scholz Rebar, we believe that our strength lies in our team. From our experienced technicians on your job site to our meticulous project managers, everyone plays a crucial role in delivering excellence.

Why Choose Scholz Rebar?

With decades of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a relentless commitment to excellence, Scholz Rebar isn’t just a service provider—we’re your partners in construction. We understand the intricacies of each project and tailor our solutions to match, ensuring optimal results every time.

  • Professional Coordination
  • Supervision on the job
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible schedules
  • Next day repairs


Ready to Build Strong Foundations?

With Scholz Rebar by your side, ensure that every project stands tall and resilient. Let's forge a lasting partnership and redefine excellence together.

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